B&B La Marmotta

B&ampB La Marmotta in Val di Rabbi

The B&B La Marmotta is a structure of recent construction, located in the village of Arnago, a small village near Malé in Val di Sole, a few steps from the magnificent Val di Rabbi.

The bed and breakfast The Marmot offers its guests several rooms with different number of rooms, and provided a very good breakfast, as well as a space and a view particularly recommended for those wishing to spend a relaxing time in a beautiful Alpine valley.

The isolated position in relation to the village ensures peace and quiet typical of the villages Trentini, as well as a breathtaking view over most of the valley below.

The B & ; The Marmot B is easily accessible by private car is only 2 km from the town of Malé, and has parking spaces that provide peace and comfort to the guests.

Mary, the owner of B & B La Marmot, who manages the services offered to guests in an impeccable manner, it is very well known and appreciated all over the valley, even to the previous management of the Forest Tavern, a typical restaurant Val di Sole, which over the years has garnered the favor of tourists and residents, thanks to the quality of the cuisine and attention to detail.